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H.C.G. At A Glance

HCG Diet at a Glance

We have put together a summary of the HCG Diet for a quick reference and to simplify the phases of the diet. To help make this diet easier to understand, we took each step from Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol and called it a “Phase”, numbering them.  You should follow each step in order. 

Before you diet, it is suggested doing some kind of colon cleanse and/or detoxification.  There are many different colon, metals and Candida cleansing products available.  Check with your local nutritionist or health food store for suggested recommendations with these cleanses.

 Phase 1:  (HCG)

(Day 1 & 2) Weigh yourself in the morning (recording your weight). Take your HCG and gorge. 
Start taking the HCG drops (1 – 3 drops, 4x a day) .Or take HCG pellets (1pellet, 4 times a day)  If you feel too hungry or weak, you can increase up to 4 drops each timeor 1 pellet extra. 
The drops or pellet go under your tongue.  Try to hold the drops or pellets under the tongue 1 – 2 minutes before swallowing.  Do not eat or drink or brush your teeth within 15 minutes before or after taking the drops or pellets.

During the first 2 days of HCG you need to gorge on fatty foods.  Eat as much as you can throughout the day.  The more you eat and the higher the fat content, the better. The 2 days of gorging with HCG is what better assists your body’s fat reserve to open up & start releasing extra calories throughout Phase 2.  (Day 3-23 or up to 41 days) Take your HCG.

Continue to weigh yourself every morning (recording your weight) and take the HCG drops 2 or 3x a day, pellets 4x per day.

Do not take HCG during a menstrual cycle.

Drink 1/2 gallon or (8) 8 oz water bottles throughout the day.  Water is critical to help flush the fat from your body.

Phase 2: (Day 3-23 or up to 41 days) Take your HCG.

Stay on 500 calorie diet for the remainder of phase 2.

Eat only from the food lists described.  Do not skip meals.  Your total intake will be about 500 calories consisting of protein, vegetables and fruit. (Remember that the HCG drops will release an additional 1500 calories into your system so it will not be as if you are only getting 500 calories.

Do not do any strenuous exercising during phase 2.

Protein Selections - Choose only one protein for lunch and another for dinner.  Never eat the same protein twice on the same day.  Weigh out 100 grams prior to cooking:  Beef, Veal, chicken breast (no skin), shrimp, lobster, crab, white fish (Flounder, Sole, Sea Bass, Orange Roughy, Tilapia, Halibut)

Vegetable Selections - Choose only one vegetable for lunch and another for supper never eating the same vegetable in the same day:  tomato, celery, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, onions, cabbage, asparagus, chard, radishes, beat greens.

Fruit Selections - 2 fruit servings daily from the following:  ½ grapefruit, strawberries (4-6 medium), 1 small orange, 1 small apple (which could be moved to a snack in between meals).

Melba toast or Grissini or Alessi Breadstick - @ 20 calories worth, twice a day.

Liquids - Drink as much coffee, tea, herb tea and water as you desire throughout the day.

You can cook with fresh herbs, lemons, limes, sea salt, raw apple cider vinegar and Stevia (found in some grocery stores and most health food stores - in different forms including Stevia flavored drops.

Phase 3:   (Stabilization)
After finishing 21-41 days of HCG, stop taking HCG and continue the low calorie diet for 3 more days to make sure that the HCG is out of your system.

Part One:  Continue to weigh yourself each morning.  Begin eating a full calorie diet (1500 calories a day) eating any food at this point, except all starches and sugars*.  If the scale shows more than 2 pounds over the weight you were on the last day of Phase 2, do a “steak day”**.  It is important to continue Part One of Phase 3 for three weeks. Most people don’t realize how vital this part is in resetting the hypothalamus gland. You will be establishing a new set point for your weight. By doing this, your body will not put all the weight back on you just lost, when you return to normal eating.

Part Two:  Slowly start adding starches and sugar, in small quantities, to your diet. The key to this is slowly!  Continue weighing yourself every morning to control weight gain. If your weight goes up 2 pounds, a steak day will bring the weight down to the desired weight.

Phase 4:   (Maintenance)
Most importantly during the Maintenance Phase, you need to relax and eat mindfully. Learn to be aware of food and what causes you to turn to food for the wrong reasons.  What you eat and how you eat can help or harm you.

Now is the beginning of a new way of life!  Use the motivation of your new body to create and continue good habits of healthy eating and regular exercise.  Doing so will maintain your weight for life.  Enjoy yourself as a healthier, happier you.


 Disclaimer:  You understand that the information provided on this website is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or a cure for any disease and is not a substitute for regular medical care.  You understand that any information or advice given on weight loss is just that, information and advice.



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